Research and Projects

Research and Projects Committee

Chair, John Broadwater
Members: Brendan Burke, Joshua Daniel, Mary Hayes,
Bruce Terrell, William Utley, William Waldrop


The most useful publications on Virginia maritime heritage include the following:

A Practical Guide to Maritime Archaeology With a Focus on the Mid-Atlantic Region, Special Publication No. 48, Archeological Society of Virginia, 2023.
Buy it here.

Contributions From Underwater Archaeology to a More Comprehensive Understanding of Virginia History,” by John D. Broadwater, in The Historical Archaeology of Virginia from Initial Settlement to the Present: Overview and New Directions. Archeological Society of Virginia, 2017. 
Buy it here.

An Assessment of Virginia’s Underwater Cultural Resources, Survey and Planning Report Series No. 3.
Available from the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

Underwater Archaeology in Virginia: The Missing Link,” by John D. Broadwater, in The Archaeology of 18th-Century Virginia (ASV No. 35).
Available from the Archeological Society of Virginia.